Here are just a couple of photos I took of Quebec I took of famous Château Frontenac.  I hope you enjoy them.

My Daughter, Sophia, took me to see the remastered, special big screen showing of “To Kill A Mockingbird,” last Wed. Last Wed was also the Midnight release of the last “Twilight” saga movie. When I arrived at the movie parking lot and saw how full it was, I was kinda sad because I thought Sophia and I could see our movie in peace and talk about it without much interruption. For just a few moments, I forgot how far our tastes in literature movies have “changed” over the last few years.

When I paid for the tickets, I found out they were running a “Twilight” marathon of all the movies until the mid-night release of the last one. So, that’s why there were so many cars. Then when I hit the popcorn line, I ran into one of my former students who now works with Sophia in Drama club at Trussville and she said are you here to see, “Twilight?” and I said, “No, we’re here to see, “To Kill a Mockingbird.” And, she looked at me and said, “Oh, that’s a good movie too,” and for a moment, I almost felt guilty, but then quickly recovered and said, “thank you, for affirming my choice!” I got the popcorn, cokes and m & m’s for me and my gal, Sophia, and went and watched one of the greatest films from one of the greatest books ever written. There were only about 60 of us “Mockingbirds!” By the end of the movie, Sophia and I were firmly on Team Scout and Boo Radley was our captain!



This is a great lecture by Dr. Larry Arnn on the Constitution.  I hope you like part one.

Canyon Cho Cho

I call it the Canyon Choo Choo!

Looking out O'Keekee's back door!

I thought I’d show a view from Georigia O’keefee’s back door.

I just uploaded a few pictures from my trip out West.  I will only show you a couple.  This site seems to freak out if I load more than one or two.  I’ll show you a couple from the Grand Canyon and Ghost Ranch, Georgia O’Keefee’s home for a while.  Both were awe inspiring views of God’s creation.  The pictures only show my tiny perspective on that given day.

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I am stressed out; I keep having weird dreams about my trip next week.  What should be a pleasant time with friends, family and historical meaning is instead filled with foreboding dreams of did I forget something, someone.  Why does my mom keep popping up in my dreams?  Do I feel guilty I’m not taking her?  I don’t know:  I just know I have restless sleep.


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